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Sebaceous Cysts

Cassie's sebaceous cyst on her back.

Cassie’s sebaceous cyst on her back.

A large hard scab stuck to the fur on Cassie’s back for over a month. We thought it was from rolling on rigid sharp crusts of ice and snow. A routine visit to the vet revealed the scab was harboring a sebaceous cyst.   Several more occurred on her right leg and ear. The vet shaved her fur and exposed a raw, oozing wound. Continue reading




I opened the kitchen door after returning home from work. Buffy and Chipper gathered by the door, wiggling their stumpy tails. They ran out the door as a familiar raunchy odor greeted me. Brown drippings and piles were all over the kitchen floor. “Not again,” I moaned as I grabbed paper towels and a plastic grocery bag and started whipping up diarrhea. Continue reading

The Ladder Command

Cassie had been tripping fairly often, at least once a day, falling on her face, or her shoulder, seemingly over nothing. I’d often stop and pet her and say, “That looks like it hurt. Poor baby.” I was afraid she’d really hurt herself one of these times, maybe even break her leg.

Cassie using the ladder command with Chipper watching.

Cassie using the ladder command with Chipper watching.

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Cold Water and Dogs

Taking a walk to view the ice conditions along the Lake Michigan shoreline at Hosah Park in Zion, I never expected Cassie to start walking into the ice cold water. She’s usually cautious, but since we come here often in the summer, I think she was surprised at the cold water. Continue reading