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Celebrating Snow – or Not

Does your dog love snow? Or hate it? Up in northeastern Illinois, we received about a foot of snow last night, after two months of not having any. My cockers hate it, and Buffy wouldn’t go out this morning until I shoveled. She tends to pee right outside the door unless I shovel a path in the yard.

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Cocker spaniels in the deep snow

Buffy (brown) & Chipper (B & W) in a path I shoveled for them.

Cassie, my springer, loved snow. She often took snow baths, throwing herself on hard crusted snow (ouch)!

Springer spaniel rolling in the snow

Cassie rolling in the snow.

But she didn’t like it when it was too deep. Where to poop? We had a blizzard a few years back and he waited hours for us to shovel the driveway and part of the street before she would do her business.

Dog pooping in the snow

I wouldn’t want snow up my butt either!

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