About Me

Hi, I’m Sandy Kubillus and I’ve been a dog owner, or lived with dogs for over fifty years. I take my dog with me everywhere – even to work. I work as an environmental consultant, specializing in lakes, ponds, and wetlands at Integrated Lakes Management, in Waukegan, IL. I’m also an environmental biology instructor at the College of Lake County. My focus is to discuss dog-related issues involving the environment.

Currently I have two dogs, since my third, Cassie, my Springer Spaniel passed away recently. I didn’t plan on having three dogs, but I recently inherited my Mom’s two Cocker Spaniels.

I’m working on my first book, a memoir with a working title My Broken Dog. It’s about my trials and tribulations associated with a Springer Spaniel that survived a 75-foot fall with a severely broken leg, her recovery, only to get cancer that required amputation, then paralysis in her later years, and how it affected my life and my relationship with my husband.

My next book, which I’ve only just begun, is called Wiggle Butts. It’s a children’s picture book about my mom’s death and how the cockers life changed when they moved in with me.

I am married to Mitch Beales, who supports (although sometimes it’s more like tolerates) my dependence on dogs to make my life whole.

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  1. Hey Sandy! Delighted to see you blogging and absolutely tickled at the proposed title of your second book! I am looking forward to reading more of Kaylee’s story … and may I admit that right now, my heavyweight grey tabby cat, Miley, is meowing at me for treats. She has me exceedingly well trained.

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