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Book Review: A Dog’s Way Home

By W. Bruce Cameron

I’ve always heard authors should not write using a dog’s point of view, but Bruce Cameron catches Bella’s thoughts perfectly in A Dog’s Way Home . He did so in his bestseller A Dog’s Purpose, and he did it again here – better in my opinion.A Dog's Way Home

The book jacket and the title suggest a version of The Incredible Journey (a 1960s novel and Disney film about three pets traveling hundreds of miles in search of their owners), but A Dog’s way Home is much different.

Lucas is a young man who finds a mixed breed puppy living underneath an abandoned house with many cats. Without his landlord’s permission, he decides to keep the puppy and names her Bella. She’s a very smart dog and learns such tricks as “No Barks” and “Go Home,” as Lucas tries to evade the landlord and the local dog-catcher, who decides Bella is a pit bull mix and illegal within the Denver city limits.

Bella develops the ability to sense when people are ill and in need of comfort. She can also notice the changes in a person prior to an epileptic seizure. With these traits, Lucas tries to use Bella as an emotional support dog at the VA hospital where he works and to evade the no dogs policy in his lease. As an uncertified dog, Bella receives minimal protection and the anti-pit bull dog-catcher are spying on her every move on public property.

As Lucas tries to find a place to live outside of Denver, he finds a temporary home for Bella to protect her from the Denver dog-catcher. At the temporary home, Bella bolts as the confused dog tries to find “her person,” Lucas. This begins Bella’s journey with multiple temporary owners and her relationship with Big Kitten, a cougar.

A Dog’s Way Home is an easy and compelling read. I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Have you read any good dog books lately?

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