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Cocker Spaniels Union

I have two cocker spaniels and Chipper is the union steward of local 633. He is always informing me (his employer) when it is time to eat, when to get treats and which type. He makes sure we follow the cocker spaniels union contract at all times. He warns us if we are late in providing these benefits and if we are in danger of violating the contract.

Cocker spaniels wearing bandanas

Buffy & Chipper in their Cocker Spaniels Union Local 633 bandanas.

Plaque Home is not a Home without a Cocker Spaniel

Chipper & Buffy agree that a home is not a home without a cocker spaniel.

Who rules your house and do your pets have a union?

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Blogpaws wordless Wednesday

Jake’s Tower

To what extent would you go to so your dog could see people walking by in the park?

Instead of installing a different fence so his dog could see people and dogs in the park, my neighbor built a tower for his dog Jake.

Dog tower

The Tower of Jake, so Jake could watch the park over the fence. Note the house could use repair.

Dog in tower

Jake viewing from his tower.

Dog barking at fence

Only my dogs don’t look up to the tower, they only understand dogs at the ground level.

Blogpaws wordless Wednesday

What extent would you go to so your dog would be entertained?

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Chipper’s External Brain

When Chipper was a young puppy he developed double pneumonia. My mom nursed him back to health, but he always seemed mentally slow, probably because his body fought off the sickness instead of developing. He needs his little sister, Buffy, to tell him what to do.  Although Cocker Spaniels are not known to be smart dogs, Chipper seems especially dumb, even for a Cocker. But he makes me laugh – a lot!

So I gave him an external brain mold!

Kind of like an external hard drive (LOL).

Cocker Spaniel wearing a brain mold

Chipper with his external brain.

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Blogpaws wordless Wednesday