Dogs and Skunks – How to Prevent the Stink

I’ve been extremely fortunate to not have had any of my dogs sprayed by a skunk in the over fifty years that I have had dogs (knock on wood). Several of my dogs have met a skunk while walking loose in dog_sprayed_by_skunk3the woods or camping and amazingly they listened when I called them to me!I had one dog even get face to face with a skunk. I think both were surprised. When I said “Penny you come – NOW,” she listened. Another time I was camping and my dog at that time was Kaylee. She and my friend’s dog, Zolabud, chased after something in the woods. I saw the white tail and called Kaylee back, just in time to avoid getting sprayed. My friend’s dog was not so lucky.

So the main way to deal with skunks is:
1. At dusk and dawn, be vigilant about watching where your dog is if it is lose in an area that may have skunks.
2. Have a solid “Come” command.

Now, if you are not so lucky, how do you get rid of that awful skunk smell? My friend tried tomato juice and douche. They helped but didn’t eliminate the smell. People are always willing to share stories of skunks and dogs. A co-worker shared this trick that he said worked well – and it did, since he brings his dog to work and I did not notice a smell.

Here is the trick:
1. Dawn Dish Washing Liquid
2. Oxyclean or Hydrogen Peroxide
3. Baking Soda

Once you’re ready, mix 1 – 2 ounces of dawn dish soap with a gallon of water. Then add 1 ounce of Oxyclean (per gallon) and 1/4 cup of baking soda. Mix these items well in a bucket
Once you wash the dog with this solution, give him a regular bath. Then wash everything he has touched with it.

One of the key issues with skunk smell is to not let your dog wander around the house rubbing himself on the furniture, carpets, or anything else. Take him straight to the laundry room.

However, unless you thoroughly bathe your dog several times, every time the dog gets wet, the skunk smell will return.

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