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Oh My – She Lost an Eye

On Tuesday, I took Buffy to her eye doctor to get the pressure checked in her eyes. Her right eye had jumped from 15 to 30 in the two weeks since our last visit.

Cocker spaniel before eye surgery

Last photo of Buffy with both eyes, even though she had no vision in her right eye.

Once the pressure reaches 35, then dogs experience a severe headache, like a migraine.

The vet recommended removal of her eye immediately. “The surgery would have to be done soon, so why wait until she was suffering,” he said.

Removal right before I was planning to leave for five days over the Fourth of July weekend!

The vet had warned me that this would happen, but I had hoped I would have more time before I would have a one-eyed dog. Only on June 2nd had she developed glaucoma and lost her vision in that eye.  See my blog describing her condition here.

My 21 year-old granddaughter was planning to stay at my house and take care of Buffy and Chipper. Should I have her care for Buffy a few days after surgery or hope that Buffy’s eye pressure didn’t exceed 35 and cause her to suffer for days until I returned and could get her to the vet?

I chose to have Buffy’s eye removed (enucleation surgery).

Dog with eye removed

Buffy’s ride home from the vet after surgery.

Cocker spaniel with right eye removed

Buffy after surgery with her right eye removed.









She’s doing just fine 6 days after surgery. You can read more about this type of surgery in the link below.


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