Books for Dog Lovers

Here’s my top 5 suggested Christmas list based on my reviews plus Oprah’s list.

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  1. The Dog Who Lived (and So Will I) by Teresa J. Rhyne. This memoir is a love story on multiple levels. Teresa acquires Seamus, a beagle rescue, who develops an aggressive mast cell tumor requiring surgery and chemotherapy at a young age. The vet tells Teresa that Seamus has only a year to live. With loving care, the dog beats the cancer, only to have Teresa develop a very aggressive form of breast cancer a year later. Read my review at
  2. In Dog Medicine, Julie Barton writes her memoir. Dog Medicine bookShe appeared well on her way to a successful career as an assistant editor. But suicidal thoughts kept crossing her mind, steeling her energy until she breaks down. Bunker, a golden retriever, brought “judgement-free listening and wordless faith.”

“I took a deep breath and felt the blackness loosen its grip. Dog medicine. I’d found it, and I swallowed it hole.”  Read my review at  Thunder Dog book cover

  1. Thunder Dog – The True Story of a Blind Man, his Guide Dog & the Triumph of Trust by Michael Hingson. Few of us know what it’s like to be blind or even know a blind person. On September 11, 2001, Mike was in the North tower of the World Trade Center when an airplane struck the building above him. His guide dog, Roselle, helped him down 78 flights to escape the burning tower. If Roselle had lost focus and panicked, Mike may not have survived. Read my A Dog's Way Homereview at
  2. In A Dog’s Way Home by Bruce Cameron catches Bella’s thoughts perfectly. She develops the ability to sense when people are ill and in need of comfort. But the anti-pit bull dog-catcher is spying on her every move. Read my review at
  3. A Dachshund in a wheelchair on the book cover grabbed at my heart in Through Frankie’s Eyes by Barbara Techel. Frankie’s paralysis occurred due to a fall and complications caused from IVDD (Intervertebral Disk Disease).  Frankie helped the author find her life’s purpose as she reached out to teach children not to judge other people based on their physical appearance, and to accept life’s challenges. Read more at

Oprah’s 17 Books for Dog Lovers

l have to read all of these – I’ve never not liked an Oprah endorsed book!  I’ll make my New Year’s resolution to read half of these this year and half next year.  For a summary of each book, go to:

  1. Sophie: The Incredible True Story of the Castaway Dog By Emma Pearse
  2. Huck: The Remarkable True Story of How One Lost Puppy Taught a Family—and a Whole Town—About Hope and Happy Endings By Janet Elder
  3. Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love By Larry Levin
  4. Born to Bark: My Adventures with an Irrepressible and Unforgettable Dog By Stanley Coren
  5. Katie Up and Down the Hall: The True Story of How One Dog Turned Neighbors into a Family By Glenn Plaskin
  6. What a Difference a Dog Makes: Big Lessons on Life, Love, and Healing from a Small Pooch
    By Dana Jennings
  7. You Had Me at Woof: How Dogs Taught Me the Secrets of Happiness By Julie Klam
  8. Dogs and the Women Who Love Them: Extraordinary True Stories of Loyalty, Healing, and Inspiration By Allen and Linda Anderson
  9. Through a Dog’s Eyes By Jennifer Arnold
  10. The Dog Who Couldn’t Stop Loving: How Dogs Have Captured Our Hearts for Thousands of Years By Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
  11. Dogs on Rocks By William Wegman
  12. Dogs By Catherine Johnson and William Wegman
  13. Mutts By Sharon Montrose
  14. Nose Down, Eyes Up By Merrill Markoe
  15. Our Story Begins: New and Selected Short Stories By Tobias Wolff
  16. Dog Years By Mark Doty
  17. Woof! By Lee Montgomery

What are your favorite dog books? Which one’s on this list would you like to read? Please comment.

12 thoughts on “Books for Dog Lovers

  1. Lori Hilliard

    I’d like to read, “Katy Up and Down the Hall.” I prefer uplifting stories about our pets rather than sad ones. I think this book will put a smile on my face and encourage me to reach out to my own neighbors.

  2. Carleen

    I love dog stories, but so many end up sad! I love A Dog’s Purpose (the book version over the movie). I have a soft spot for dogs with wheels, so Through Frankie’s Eyes will be one I will check out!

  3. The Dash Kitten Crew

    I love book recommendations.

    I do content for Place for Cats and have commissioned a roundup of the best cat cosy mysteries for 2017 from a dear blogging buddy. She has done us proud (which is great as we use Amazon Smile!).

  4. Joely Smith

    OMG so many of these books – the titles alone have me tearing up! Through Frankie’s Eyes … OMG I just can’t even! We have a Doxie so I KNOW this would just break my heart – although I am sure there is much happiness in it too. Thanks for the great list I WILL be checking out many of them – staying away from the real tear jerkers lol


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