Help Your Puppy Sleep through the Night

When Cassie arrived at our house at just under 8 weeks of age, she woke me up every night, whining and scratching at her cage. I thought she had to pee, so I’d carry her out into the frozen backyard. Cassie refused paper training, having been house broken before I adopted her.

To warm her up, I’d put her under the covers in my bed with me for a few minutes before placing her back in her cage­­—a big mistake I know. But she was a tiny puppy and needed comforting. Every night, like clockwork, she’d wake me up. I expected this for the first week or two, but when it dragged on for a month, I wondered what was going on.

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How to Properly Carry a Dog

Place your arm between your dogs fron limbs for added support.

Cassie, my Springer Spaniel, never liked my boss ever since he tried to pick her up incorrectly when he first met her.  He placed his hands around her upper back by squeezing her chest under her front legs (the armpit method).  Cassie jumped away from him and never let him even attempt to pick her up again.  Although there may have been other reasons that she disliked him, her first impression stuck after that attempt to pick her up.

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Is My Dog Too Hot?

Taffy, my sister Karen’s 14 year-old cocker spaniel, panted with rapid shallow breaths.  Something was wrong with the old dog.  Taffy refused to go outside or eat treats although she drank a bit of fresh water. Karen thought Taffy was suffering from the heat since it was a very warm day in northern California.  But it had been this hot before and Taffy hadn’t had any problems.

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Dogs, Herbicides, and Weeds, Oh My!

The weeds, the dandelions─yuck.  Should I spray an herbicide?  But what about my dogs?  How can I do this safely?   So I usually put it off until the weeds get the better of me and I just have to spray them and try to keep my dogs off of the lawn for a day, or at least try.  Most herbicides state, ‘safe’ for pets after it has dried. But are they? Here is what my research uncovered:

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Dog Paw Wax

You look out the window of your back door through the crust of ice forming around the edges. It’s snowing, blowing hard, and well below freezing outside, but you need to walk your dog. Some people just open the door and tell them to ‘go potty’. Not me. If they have to suffer, so do I. I also want to make sure they cleaned themselves out.

So how can you make your best friend enjoy the winter more? Layering—the same as for us. My rule of thumb is as follows:

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