Enviro-Friendly Dog Poop Bags

After writing several blogs about dog poop this summer, I knew I had to “practice what I preach,”—or at least try it. The first article was about the environmental hazards of dog poop. Store display of poop bags

I pick up, so that wasn’t the concern.

My issue involved the use of poop bags. Half the time I use a poop bucket and compost the poop—which is a good thing to do. But when I walk my two cockers without my husband, then I use poop bags. It’s hard to juggle two dogs on retractable leashes plus holding a poop bucket.

So for years, I had used the plastic sleeves from our newspapers as poop bags—so at least I was recycling (but only once). Then the bags went in the trash, and into a landfill. This wasn’t enviro friendly, which I stated in my next post, which encouraged the use of compostable bags.

After writing the post, I decided to buy some compostable poop bags. Since I had a huge amount of newspaper bags this seemed silly. But I felt it was the responsible thing to do. The newspaper bags could get recycled with the plastic bag waste.

Poop bag boxPoop bag

I stopped at my local pet store and stared at the poop bag selection, which was much larger than I expected. It should have been easy. Find the cheapest bags that say compostable, right? Wrong.

The first time I went to the store, only one package said “compostable.” So I bought them. I am not receiving any compensation for this post. I just wanted to try them out. These bags were ultra-thin and I did rip at least two. I picked up the poop and threw them in the compost pile. After a few weeks, the poop bag disappeared. Lavendar scented poop bags

When I went to buy a second batch, the type I had purchased were not available. Instead, the same company had lavender-scented bags—to cover up the poop smell.

But the box did not say “compostable.” I used my phone and googled the brand and checked. It stated that they were compostable—but why don’t they say so on the box? The package is from recycled paper, but what I cared about were the bags.

Well, I bought the lavender bags, which were much thicker. I didn’t know if they would compost, but time has shown that they do. .

So why do manufacturer’s make finding eco-friendly poop bags a challenge?


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25 thoughts on “Enviro-Friendly Dog Poop Bags

  1. You would think it would be a huge plus for the company to make it obvious the bags are compostable. Maybe it was a printing oversight? Once, a printer left off the ISBN bar code on a batch of my books… (insert shrugs). But if that was me, I’d have it in obvious print! Great to hear they work! I like the idea of the lavendar ones, too! Thanks for testing them and the review!

  2. I tried a box of these, and they had weird perforations all othrough every roll! I was so bummed, they had to be tossed! One time of trying to pick up poo with holes in the bag was enough for me! 😂

    • We have about 5 wire bins of compost. My husband composts all our leaves, which is a lot from 17 trees, plus his garden waste, cooking waste (veggies, fruit, etc.) plus lawn clippings and dog poop. It’s a fair amount of work to turn them over, but he says it gives him a lot of exercise.

  3. We have really liked using Earth Rated, and you’re right, I’m surprised the packaging doesn’t advertise the bags as compostable. I knew they were, for some reason, but it wasn’t because that information was available on the packaging.

  4. I’m amazed by how many people who recycle other items don’t bother to check whether the poop bags they use are compostable or at least biodegradable. I agree with you that the information should be displayed prominently on the packaging.

  5. I use poop bags when I scoop the litter box because it makes it easier to carry it to the garbage. I was trying to find compostable bags that are friendlier for the environment. I’m glad to hear they really do dissolve.

  6. Thanks for your review. I also typically re-use plastic baggies that originally had other purposes. I honestly didn’t realize compostable dog poop bags were an option. I might have to try them at some point. Keeping plastic out of the landfill is always a good thing.

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