Jake’s Tower

To what extent would you go to so your dog could see people walking by in the park?

Instead of installing a different fence so his dog could see people and dogs in the park, my neighbor built a tower for his dog Jake.

Dog tower
The Tower of Jake, so Jake could watch the park over the fence. Note the house could use repair.

Dog in tower
Jake viewing from his tower.
Dog barking at fence
Only my dogs don’t look up to the tower, they only understand dogs at the ground level.

Blogpaws wordless Wednesday

What extent would you go to so your dog would be entertained?

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9 thoughts on “Jake’s Tower

  1. Ha ha! Of course, it’s hardly weird when you think of how many of us just bring out dogs everywhere with us so they get stimulation!

    There was a house in my old neighborhood that screened in their entire (tiny) yard so the cat could be outdoors safely. I thought it was adorable.

  2. Our whole living area is for the dogs! At one point, we didn’t even have a couch! There really isn’t much we wouldn’t do for our furry family members! Although….that tower might be just a little over the top 🙂

  3. Bessie, the dog in my house, thinks that is the best idea she’s heard in a long time. And I purr-onally think that dogs just want to see out so they can know what’s going on. Bessie has a view out the yard from the small gate is all. I’m an indoor kitty that views the neighborhood from my windows. BTW, Mom says it’s neat that you’re writing a children’s book with your Spaniel in it!

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