Gone But Not Forgotten

Honor Flags are a Tibetan ritual to honor people (and pets), that are no longer with us. At the BlogPaws conference last month, we could build an honor flag for our pets.

The Honor Flag Project

I created several for the two springer spaniels who have meant so much to me. Kaylee, who inspired me to write, and Cassie, who inspired me to become a blogger. Read more about Cassie’s brain tumor here, and Kaylee’s osteosarcoma here.

Kaylee's honor flag Cassie's honor flag

I felt both sadness and joy at seeing the long rows of honor flags and reading the comments.

I also wanted to honor my mom and all her pets. She died in 2013 and the cockers that I show so often on this website, Buffy and Chipper, were her dogs. I often ask them if they still remember her – likely not, but if she walked in through the front door as if she had been on a long vacation, I think they would. Mom showed me how to care for a dog and have them bring meaning to our lives.

Thanks Mom.

my mom with three of her dogs
My mom with Pepper (cocker), Spot (beagle) and Ruff (shepard mix)

World Pet Memorial Day was either the second Sunday of June, or the second Tuesday. I also heard it was June 14th, which is what I was going by. Whenever it was, or is, please celebrate your pets that have gone over the rainbow bridge with me.

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6 thoughts on “Gone But Not Forgotten

  1. Oh, what a nice idea to make prayer flags. Gorgeous pups. (I also had a dog that had osteosarcoma. She really had a huge impact on my life too!)

    (Can I offer a suggestion? I know… unsolicited advice… it can be annoying, right? 🙂 But… when you comment on blogger, it shows your G+ a/c and I didn’t see your blog name on there. Luckily found your blog by googling your name, but you might want to add your blog URL to your G+ profile so folks can find you easier.) 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing your pet loss. I’m mourning my service dog’s passing and welcoming a new service dog in training. I love what you said about your mom!!! I lost my mom in 2007, and she too taught me so much about loving dogs. When I get sad, I picture my mom under a large tree, playing endless games of fetch with my service dog. I picture them laughing together. I’m glad your mom taught you to love dogs. My mom did, too. Gentle hugs.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your service dog. You form such a deep bond with one that you depend on so much. I’m glad your getting another one. Most of my photos with my mom are with her dogs! Dogs were our main connection when we had our disagreements.

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