I opened the kitchen door after returning home from work. Buffy and Chipper gathered by the door, wiggling their stumpy tails. They ran out the door as a familiar raunchy odor greeted me. Brown drippings and piles were all over the kitchen floor. “Not again,” I moaned as I grabbed paper towels and a plastic grocery bag and started whipping up diarrhea.

Chipper. It’s always Chipper. He has a weak stomach, so this happens often. After cleaning the kitchen, I prepared the dogs dinner, opened a capsule of probiotics, and sprinkled it over Chipper’s dinner. Often one pill will do the trick, but sometimes he needs a second one the next day.

Probiotics have helped immensely with him. Sometimes I’ve used them as preventative medicine, after I washed the rugs and floor in preparation for our Christmas party. I’ve kept him on them sometimes for weeks to prevent such messes. But usually I only give them to him if he starts having diarrhea or loose stools during our walk, trying to prevent a mess in the house later.

I found out about probiotics after all of my dogs got sick one Christmas and made continuous messes for about a week. The vet gave me a bottle of probiotics, which helped after a few days.

When I saw probiotics on the pet store shelf, I bought a bottle for preventative medicine. I have used them at the first warning of trouble, not waiting for an accident in the house. Yes, accidents still occasionally occur, but much less than before. I highly recommend having them at home. One note, at least the brand that I have, needs refrigeration after opening.

My elderly mother once put down an old dog that had a long lasting diarrhea attack. She had difficulty walking down the stairs to let him out so often, and trouble keeping up with his messes.

Probiotics. Keep them on your shelf. It may save you and your dog a lot of frustration.

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