Climate Change & Dogs in Chicago

Sandy Kubillus wearing a Wild Things Conference t-shirt

I attended a talk on climate change in Chicago at the Wild Things Conference last Saturday, when it was 65 degrees.

Cocker spaniel stepping in cold lake water

The next day my husband and I (below – note he is wearing shorts) took my cocker spaniels, Buffy (tan) and Chipper (black & white) to Illinois Beach State Park. Buffy was so hot, she waded into frigid Lake Michigan. The date was February 19th with the temperatures in the upper 60s! This was a first in my lifetime for a week of temperatures this warm in February. Climate change is here. Today (2/22) it’s predicted to be in the 70s!

Illinois Beach State Park on a warm February dayHas it been really warm where you live? Please comment.

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12 thoughts on “Climate Change & Dogs in Chicago

  1. I live in Oregon, and it’s crazy warm here. I have daffodils up and blooming right now and some of my tulips are ready to go. But we also are getting whipsaw weather. One day, it’ll be 65. The next, it’ll be 45. I have no idea how the plants know what time it is!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

    • Our hostas and daffodils are starting to come up too, at least 6 weeks early! I remember during the very warm March, the apple trees started to bloom and then the flowers died with the cold weather. The apple crop was very poor that year. So much for the idea that plants follow the length of the day and not the warmth of the soil. I just hope this year is not another hot drought year like 2012!

  2. With the weather so many of us have been having, it seems like it would be really hard to argue with climate change (though we know there are still those that will!). We have had such an up and down winter, snow, then warm and melting, then cold again, and a bunch of ice to deal with. Then we went through the whole process again, with a foot and a half of snow in a week, and now it’s all melting again! Who knows what’s next?

  3. It’s super cool you attended a climate change conference! And I’ve heard the temps in Chi town have been fantastic. SO jealous -the PNW is very rainy lately… 🙂 It’s nice to meet you! Climate Change is clearly here…

    • I don’t recall February being this warm, especially not for a week. But I do remember three weeks of 80-degree weather in March of 2012. I worked out on a lake in a t-shirt! Then we had severe drought and a heat wave in the summer. I hope we don’t get another hot summer like 2012!

  4. “Trump can’t be wrong,” my Master says “Spring in mid-February, tulips growing, crocuses, et.No climate change! Please more oil, more coal, more gas!. Our grand children will roast, starvation, drought,war, everything is fine!”
    We, cats, will adapt. Not human beings.

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