Water Dogs in Water of all Forms

My Cassie was a real water dog loving water in all its forms.

Dog standing in creek
Cassie in Long Run Creek site visit during environmental work. Cassie worked with me as a water consultant.


dog walking in a river
Cassie loved wading into rivers.
Dog rolling in snow
Cassie creating snow angels.
dog rolling in summer snow with Mitch Beales
Cassie rolling in a small patch of snow in the Colorado mountains in the summer with my husband.

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Do your dogs love water?

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6 thoughts on “Water Dogs in Water of all Forms

    • Do you own a spaniel? Is so, what kind? My cockers aren’t too fond of water. I got them from my mom when she passed away, so they were older and were not exposed to water until they were middle aged. Buffy, my brown cocker, actually walked underwater before she figured out how to swim! I never thought a dog would do that!

  1. How sweet. My Arliss loves water. When we go camping, we have to find a spot near a river for him. In the warm months, we have a little pool just like yours in our backyard for him to play in. He still hates baths, though!

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