Follow the Doctor’s Orders

Cassie as a conehead.
Cassie as a conehead.

Cassie’s sores on her front paw hadn’t improved by the time her first round of antibiotics ran out. I brought her back to Dr. Barcus at the Canine Center for a re-check and was ordered to keep an e-collar on her, in other words, the ‘cone of shame’. I had used a fleece bootie to prevent her from licking, but it still didn’t heal. She heals very slowly due to the Prednisone prescribed for her leukemia.

The cone – I’m not sure who hates it more, me or my husband, Mitch, or Cassie. Mitch finds every opportunity to take it off. “I’ll watch her,” he says. Then I walk in the room and Cassie’s licking her paw. She’s sneaky at licking her wound.

The worst part of the cone is climbing the stairs onto our bed at night. Cassie likes to go on and off several times, and between her arthritis and the cone, she’s afraid of falling off the steps. She puts her front paws on the middle step and stares at me, asking for help. We’ll all be glad when this is over.

Nightly soaking of her paw in Epsom salts is helping. The one night I didn’t do it, her sore looked worse the next day. She enjoys it now, with little tidbits of turkey hearts given to her during the five minute soak.

I’ve also been cleaning her sore with alcohol and a cotton ball several times a day after she goes for a walk.

In a few days when her second round of antibiotics runs out hopefully it will be healed.

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